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Tool Inspection

Since 1989, ICO Asiapacific Group has been serving the global oilfield and petroleum industries in the Asia/Pacific region by providing quality NDT inspection, asset management and support services for drilling tubulars, tools and offshore equipment.

With almost 500 employees in 10 countries with 18 office locations our inspectors are available anywhere in Asia, including offshore services throughout the region. Most of our locations have full yard facilities for inspecting tubulars and for loadtesting of containers.

ICO Asiapacific Group is committed to providing our customers with the best fully integrated oilfield inspection service package, complete local support, and the highest quality personnel to meet your needs throughout the Asian region and beyond. The best service comes with quality support.


About Our Company

ICO Asiapacific Group is Headquartered in Singapore serving the global oilfield and petroleum industries center in the Asia/Pacific region; providing a full range of NDT Inspection, Oilfield Support services and independent consulting to create modular training programs for a wide variety of petroleum production and service companies.

ICO Asiapacific Group’s sophisticated NDT inspection and maintenance services on drilling tools, tubulars, BHA and Rig equipment is unequalled in the industry. Our support services include 3rd party surveillance, Loadtesting services, Hardbanding of tubular goods and threaded connection repair. Our inspection facilities operate locally in key locations throughout Asia, while providing offshore services throughout the region.

ICO Asiapacific Group has an excellent base of almost 200 inspectors with up to 35 years’ experience in Oilfield NDT inspection services. Our employees are trained to meet or surpass current oilfield standards; ICO’s internal training department has proactive inspector training and certification programs, managed and supported by our in-house ASNT Level III, a graduate engineer with a PhD in Quality management.

With 25 years in the region, ICO is the preferred service provider to regional oil companies, drilling contractors, and rental tool companies around Asia. ICO is the preferred inspection provider for Halliburton, Anadrill Schlumberger, and Baker Hughes Intec.

With ICO’s commitment to quality service, our operations have expanded exponentially in the last few years. From its modest beginnings in Singapore, ICO Asiapacific currently operates in 11 countries and 18 locations in the World. This rate of growth could not have been achieved without customer satisfaction and confidence in our quality of service.

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