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Drilling Tools Inspection Services

ICO Asiapacific is the leading provider of NDT Services of Drillpipe, Bottom Hole Assembly and Speciality Drilling Tools Inspection in South East Asia.

Our services include:

  • Visual Inspection and acceptance of rotary connections

  • Magnetic particle inspection, using black light or dry powder, of BHA and specialty tools

  • Liquid dye penetrant inspection, for non-magnetic tools

  • Ultrasonic flaw detection 

  • Ultrasonic wall thickness inspection

  • Full length electromagnetic inspection (EMI) of tubular goods by computerized equipment

  • Hot spot checking on non-magnetic tools

  • Internal pneumatic rattling and external cleaning of tubular goods

  • API full-length drifting of tubular goods

  • Rust preventative internal and external coating of tubular goods

  • Refacing of Rotary Shouldered connections

  • Rebevelling of tool joints to DS-1 criteria

  • Straightening of tube bodies

ICO has the capability to perform inspection services to the following accepted oilfield recommended practices and specifications

API (American Petroleum Institute) Specifications and Recommended Practices

B.V. Standard DS-1 (All Categories)

FEARNLEY PROCTER Standard NS-2 (All Categories)

B.S. (British Standards) as applicable

ISO (International Standards Organization) Specifications and Recommended Practices

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